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Welcome to Wellspring Academy.

Southeast Michigan’s first public recovery high school
Located in Farmington Hills, Michigan

We know you didn’t land here by chance. Take a deep breath, because you aren’t alone. You are here for a purpose.

At Wellspring Academy, students will be surrounded by people who know how addiction impacts the entire family. And together with our academic mentors, counselors and recovery coaches, students will achieve academic and recovery-focused goals. Why? Because you have a purpose.

Is Wellspring Academy
right for you?

We know substance use impacts the entire family. So, take some time and answer these questions about your personal experience with substance use disorder — whether you are a teen battling substance use, or a parent/friend who sees the impact substance use has on your loved one. If you answer "yes" to many of the questions, let's connect.

Our mission matters, because you matter.

The mission of Wellspring Academy is to provide a safe, sober and supportive academic environment, where students can achieve their highest level of educational success and personal recovery through building a community of positive peer support.

These numbers tell an important story.



SE Michigan students leave school or are kicked out each year because of drug use


of students are offered drugs on their first day back to school following treatment


of adults who struggle with addiction start using drugs in high school



of students relapse in six months or less upon returning to school
unique journey

Your journey is as unique as you.

We aren’t here to judge. We are here to support recovering teens in a safe and sober environment, where you or your loved one will begin to take on the future one day at a time.

Open Enrollment

Wellspring Academy works collaboratively with the Wellspring behavioral health team and Michigan International Prep School to provide an individualized pathway toward academic and recovery success. We are enrolling students now in Farmington Hills, MI.

Is Wellspring Academy right for me?

our people

Our people are your people.

Wellspring Academy may be one of the first stand-alone recovery high schools in Michigan, but there is one thing that isn’t new when it comes to most of our staff and recovery coaches: lived experience.